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“When you visit an environmentally conscious resort or experience an ecotour operator you are actually supporting building green sustainable communities, human sustainability and economic freedom, and you become a Conscious Traveler.” ~ Gabriela Rocha-Caballero




Public Relations & Transformational Experiences

Gabriela is the director and co-founder of Suddha Prem (eco-travel with divine love) and Be a Conscious Traveler.

She has been a professional photographer for more than fifteen years. Her background is in Public Relations, Hospitality and Production for the tourism and real estate industry in Mexico.

After moving to LA in 2001, she dedicated her time to screenwriting and to the study and practice of Yoga, under the wing of Mas Vidal and Chris Chavez. In 2008, Gabriela studied the YogaVeda Lifestyle program by Mas Vidal and her life transformed completely. This is when Suddha Prem was born.

Gabriela’s expertise is in the packaging of Permaculture, Dance, Yoga and Surfing Retreats, Raw Food, Photo Safaris, Luxury Spa, Eco Vacations, Alternative, Rural and Sustainable Travel Experiences, for the Eco-Luxe and the Budget Conscious Traveler.

Her mission is to guide and connect the responsible traveler with the finest and unknown destinations, with unique eco resorts, sustainable communities and cooperatives in order to give a transformational experience. Gabriela does this through Suddha Prem, Be a Conscious Traveler and Covolv by promoting conscious and sustainable travel, building trust between the traveler and the destination.

In 2010, Gabriela studied Larry Santoyo’s Permaculture Design Course and in 2013, Gabriela became a Crystalline Consciousness Work Facilitator with Aravel Garduno.

Gabriela brings her experience learned through visiting indigenous communities and working in Eco-Tourism together with her YogaVega Lifestyle, Kundalini meditations and CCW studies, with her dreams of finding ways to make the world a better place and the experience of JOY.

Gabriela is committed to promoting human and animal rights, spirituality, yoga, meditation, chanting, ayurveda, kundalini yoga, anusara yoga, eco-tourism, tourism, conscious real estate, sustainable development, permaculture and sustainability, raw food, film, art, food, electronic and spiritual music and economic freedom.





Chief Creative Director

Ryan Yoshimoto is the Chief Creative Director of Suddha Prem Creative and the CEO of COVOLV a production and media distribution company that specializes in design, creation and strategic distribution of cross-media documentary film productions, with focus on personal stories of sustainable practices, sustainable tourism, sustainable design and clean-technology. 

Ryan, better known as YOSHIMOTO, is a music producer, composer, singer, songwriter, creative director and a respected VISUAL FX Supervisor and Artist with more than 20 years of a media production experience. His work in Visual FX appears in movies like SuckerPunch (2011), Knight and Day (2010) starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, Pirates of the Caribbean (2006), The Ring (2002), and Apple commercials among many others. 

As a music producer, his first and most popular track “Du What U Du” was nominated in 2006 at the Winter Music Conference in Miami for Best Underground Song, and up to this day the track still very well known and acclaimed in Europe, Mexico and South America.

Yoshimoto was raised in Northern California, in the foothills of the Santa Cruz’ mountains. He showed an early interest in music, playing the violin, French horn, piano and guitar from the age of five and enjoying his mother’s penchant for playing and listening to classical music. As an adolescent, he was entranced by electronic music for the first time listening to his brother’s Harold Budd and Brian Eno albums. Also later was influenced and inspired by Depeche Mode, New Order, Yaz and all the great techopop groups of the eighties.

He received his first formal training in music theory, film and digital media production at The De Anza School of Film and San Francisco State University, while working as an audio visual artist in the burgeoning San Francisco art and music scene and experimenting with artificial intelligence, music and design. He created along with a band of inspired young artists some of the most advanced audio-visual installations and events in the city. After touring the world with such diverse acts such as jazz master Ornette Coleman and electronic group The Crystal Method as a visualist, Yoshimoto moved to LA, where he begun his most personal and formal excursions in music and creative direction.

In 2005, once established in LA, is when Trentemoller remixed Yoshimoto’s original track “Du What U Du”. The track garnered a lot of attention throughout the global dance scene and was nominated in 2006 at the Winter Conference in Miami for Best Underground Dance Track. The initial release on Andy Caldwell’s UNO RECORDINGS label began a long chart topping run of the single to sell over 100,000 copies and was subsequently licensed to dozens of compilations and sub Labels.

With his first release Yoshimoto has become a very well known artist in the world of underground music as well as in the electro house genre. Despite the fact that he is not truly a DJ and does not claim to be, Yoshimoto (and his “Du What U Du” track) has often appeared on the lists of the world’s top DJs, and is often invited to appeared in different venues and events around the world. “Du What U Du” is going to be part of a new Pacha Ibiza compilation including the best tracks of the last 20 years.

Yoshimoto’s genres are: electro, electro house, electronica, rock. Yoshimoto’s music has been remixed by: Trentemoller, Andy Caldwell, Noiz, Marcus Schulz, Paul Woolford, H-MAN, Bufi, Mei Lwun, and more. Yoshimoto’s music is supported by: Sasha, Pete Tong, Eric Prydz, Andy Caldwell, and many others of the world’s top music masters.

In 2009, Ryan started working in the development of COVOLV: A Sustainable World with Gabriela Rocha-Caballero. COVOLV: A Sustainable World is a documentary series exploring sustainability as it’s finest. 

His love for creating media has since propelled him into collaborations in feature film, creative development, artificial intelligence and music.

He brings together his talent and his lifelong passion for technology, architecture, off the grid systems, art, film and music to his creative process.

This Spring 2014, Yoshimoto is releasing a new series of songs, of which the first release is called “Surrender”, with a beautiful electro house remix by the masterful Eugene Noiz.




If you are a Conscious Resort, a Conscious Destination, a Yoga Teacher and/or any other Spiritual, Health and Wellness Practitioner or Healer contact us if you want to take part in Be a Conscious Traveler.

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